Check your ext3 filesystems for unexpected fscks on reboot

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One “feature” of Linux systems is that ext2/ext3 filesystems can be automatically (and unexpectedly) fsck’d upon reboot. Technically, it’s done at mount time, after a configurable number of mounts or days. In theory, I suppose it makes sense to periodically check flaky filesystems running on low-end hardware. In practice, however, it frequently comes as a […]

Find workflows not processed by mailer after ORA-29532

I recently ran into a problem where inbound Workflow approvals were being “stuck” in processing. The notification messages were being delivered to the instance’s INBOX and transferred into the PROCESS folder, but were not being processed. The only error message was a notice sent to the sysadmin. In the error notification was an ORA-29532: Event […]

Open GL periods in Oracle Apps 11i

Quick and overly simple script to determine status of GL periods. The example looks for period names ending in ’11’ (ie, from 2011). SELECT gps.period_num, gps.period_name, gps.set_of_books_id, gsob.period_set_name, DECODE (gps.closing_status, ‘O’, ‘Open’, ‘C’, ‘Closed’, ‘F’, ‘Future’, ‘N’, ‘Never’) status FROM gl_period_statuses gps, gl_sets_of_books gsob where gps.period_name like ‘%11’ and gps.application_id = 101 and gsob.set_of_books_id = […]

Easy thumbnails of PDFs on OS X

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I recently needed to create some thumbnails, using the first page of a fairly large number of PDFs. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that OS X has a handy command-line utility that can be easily scripted to do this. Here’s the one-liner I used to accomplish the task: for file in `echo *.pdf`; do […]

Queries to verify Oracle configuration

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I wrote up this fairly basic cheat sheet for myself several years ago. At the time, I was not very familiar with the Oracle database, and was working with a DBA whom we suspected was not setting things up correctly or even consistently. So, I put together a set of queries to verify basic parameters […]

Getting under the hood with DB2 for TSM Admins

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 in Databases, DB2, Infrastructure, Social, Storage, TSM | No Comments

Over at the TSMADmin blog, Chad Small recently posted “DB2 Doesn’t Make a Difference.”  Chad was concerned that he was not seeing a performance boost in his database queries after upgrading from TSM 5.5 to 6.x. As you know, one of the biggest changes in TSM 6.x is that it is now backed by DB2. […]

Disabling caching on a primary stgpool and deleting the volumes in TSM

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in Infrastructure, Storage, TSM | 2 Comments

I recently needed to shrink a primary stgpool with devclass DISK on a TSM 5.5 server  in order to free up space.  Since the stgpool had a device class of DISK and caching was enabled, I wasn’t able to directly shrink the stgpool by moving the data within volumes and then deleting the empty volumes. […]

Using SQL*Loader to get around ORA-01795

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So one of your higher-ups just sent you an Excel spreadsheet with tens of thousands of items, and he or she wants you to query Oracle and get the results right away to resolve the crisis of the day.  Unfortunately, trying to query against this huge list of values gets you this fun error: ORA-01795: […]

WMS Health Check scripts for Oracle Apps 11i and R12

While poking around on the My Oracle Support site (formerly Metalink), I ran across a script called WMS_health_check.sql (document 1086783.1) that contains 30 queries to find certain kinds of data corruption in Oracle Apps.  Most of the checks are for WMS, but there are also several relating to Order Management, Shipping Execution, and Inventory/Purchasing/Receiving. Some of […]

Determine order number from delivery_detail_id in Oracle Apps 11i

I recently needed to look up the order number associated with a delivery_detail_id, so that I could run diagnostics on the sales order.  Here’s a quick script that I whipped up to find the info: select unique wdd.source_header_number order_number, wdd.source_header_id, wdd.source_header_type_name order_type, wdd.source_line_id line_id, msi.segment1 item from wsh_delivery_details wdd, mtl_system_items_b msi where wdd.delivery_detail_id in ( […]

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