Chrysler F-bomb Twitterer blames his software

Posted by on Mar 20, 2011 in Best practices, Musings | One Comment

It’s a poor carpenter who blames his tools, but that’s exactly what the guy who Tweeted the f-word from Chrysler’s corporate account is doing:

Video: Fired NMS employee speaks out about errant F-bomb on Chrysler Twitter account [autoblog]

Scott Bartosiewicz was fired from the ad agency NMS, which was itself fired by Chrysler.

The real problem (as usual) is one of process. Whoever thought that giving one or more people direct access to a major (or any!) client’s identity was a good idea shows an astounding amount of amateurism. I would have expected tweets to be submitted for review and approval, but hey, I’m just the guy who keeps the lights blinking in the datacenter. I don’t even have cool hair or trendy shoes.

If this were a blue-collar area, everyone would snicker at the git er done mentality, but add that hair and those shoes, it’s a software problem!  At least, in Mr. Bartosiewicz’s mind, it is.

Bottom line is, whenever I see something stupid like this happen, I’d look first for a process failure and not a broken tool.