WMS Health Check scripts for Oracle Apps 11i and R12

While poking around on the My Oracle Support site (formerly Metalink), I ran across a script called WMS_health_check.sql (document 1086783.1) that contains 30 queries to find certain kinds of data corruption in Oracle Apps.  Most of the checks are for WMS, but there are also several relating to Order Management, Shipping Execution, and Inventory/Purchasing/Receiving.

Some of the checks were things that I’ve looked for (LPNs that have been Shipped Out of Stores, but still have an onhand quantity), but most were ones that I hadn’t built queries for.  In my defense, I am a Unix guy who plays Oracle DBA from time to time… ;^)

If you’re running Oracle E-Business Suite and have WMS-enabled organization(s), it’s definitely useful to check out this script. I opened several SRs after running the script for the first time.  Hopefully this means fewer problems for our warehouse and shipping staff, and therefore fewer tickets for IT.



WMS Health Check Scripts to Check for Data Corruption [ID 1086783.1]

  • Neelavarali

    The document does not show up any more… could you post or email me please?

  • Tom K

    Looks like the scripts are not available on My Oracle Support anymore, although I see a few references in other articles. Have you tried opening an SR?

  • Neelavarali

    Could you please pass on the script for document id 1086783.1 as it is not available any more. thanks in advance

  • Tom K

    I’d recommend opening an SR and asking for the latest scripts, if they exist. MOS documents are copyrighted.